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Can I trigger a text-to-speech message via SMS?

Yes, you can. If you want to initiate a transmission order to eCall via text message go to 'settings', choose 'SMS' and click on the option 'I want to be able to receive SMS messages from mobile phones'. Note that your mobile number must be entered correctly under 'settings' -> 'personal settings'. You can only access your eCall account via text message using this mobile number.

Enter the name of the person or group (before the text). Enter the last name of the person first and then the first name. Enter the hashtag symbol '#' before and after the name. There can be no space between the last and first name.


#bikeclub#tour postponed to Sunday due to bad weather
or: #smithjohn#tour postponed to Sunday due to bad weather

Send the text message to the number: +41 79 333 20 20.

In the first example above, the text 'tour postponed to Sunday due to bad weather' would be read out to all the 'bikeclub' members by telephone. In the second example, the message would be read out to the telephone number registered in the mobile number for 'John Smith'.

The number in the field 'mobile number' in the address book is used for the person. A group must be defined in eCall as 'telephone groups'. You can also enter a telephone number, e.g. '#011234567#...' or a mobile number, e.g. '#0791234567#...' instead of a person or group name. The entered last and first name under 'settings' -> 'personal settings' is used as the sender information.

Updated on: 13/08/2019

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