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The eCall logbook has a clear layout and provides you with many new and helpful functions.

These functions are provided by the logbook

The logbook now has a comprehensive multiple filter function: Filter your entries according to the categories recipient, sender, message, type, status, points, trigger date and / or order. The filter logic is structured according to the criteria. Any number of filter criteria can be combined (AND logic).
Arrange each column in ascending or descending order. Adjust the column width individually according to your needs with the mouse (This setting is browser-dependent!).
The table representation has been supplemented by the columns "Recipient", "Sender", "Type" (e.g., SMS, Fax, etc.), "Points used" (Costs). These were formerly summarized in a single column.
The "Type" column now also displays e-mails.
You can manually specify how many entries you want to display per screen view. It is possible to go directly to a specific view (for example, page 3 of 5).
Click directly on a line with an entry to see its detail view with all the information.

Updated on: 13/08/2019

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