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Threema sender

Create a custom sender

A sender profile always consists of an ID (8 characters) and a name (nickname). We provide from the system already several default sender which you can choose. Select these from the pull-down menu under "sender".

You can customize your sender profile including an avatar. Therefore we need from you:

an ID with 8 characters, which always begins with a star - eg. DOLPHIN
a public name (nickname), is displayed to the recipient when he receives a push notification -. eg Dolphin Systems AG
any image file (format: .jpg, max 2 MB.) - eg your logo.

In the threema app these contacts will be displayed accordingly.

Please contact our consulting team to get your sender, the conditions are shown above:

We are happy to assist you anytime. Call us +41 (0)44 787 30 70 or send an e-mail to

Default sender:

eCall offers six standard sender for different themes: | eCall alarm | eCall love | eCall message | eCall termin | mTAN

Threema classifies contacts in 3 levels of trust:

Level 1 (red): ID and public key are retrieved from the server, as for the first time from this contact a message has been received (or the contact has been added manually). Since no suitable contact found in the address book (with phone number / e-mail), you can not be sure whether the person is really that, who she claims to be in their messages.

Level 2 (orange): the contact was found in the address book (with phone number or e-mail). Because the server phone numbers and e-mail addresses checked (SMS or e-mail with activation link), you can be relatively safe without additional verification that this person is really the one that we think.

Level 3 (green): The public key of the person has been personally verified by scanning the QR code. As long as the instrument of this person has not been stolen / hacked, it is not possible that a third party can fake messages or can read messages from this person.

In order that the eCall sender appears as a threema-user with the highest security level (three green dots), the contacts can be scanned as QR codes.

Default sender and QR Codes for verification

Here you can scan the desired ID to verify this. Afterwards this ID has the highest security level with three green dots. To do that, please open on your mobile phone the threema Messenger: Then select "Contacts" and "scan ID" followed by:

eCall alarm

eCall love

eCall message

eCall termin


Updated on: 12/05/2020

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