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Pay point purchases by (online) invoice

Pay point purchases by (online) invoice

Under "Shop" "Buy points" you can purchase the desired number of points by selecting the shopping basket symbol in the "Invoice" column. After entering your data and triggering the invoice, the PDF invoice opens in a separate window. You can now save the invoice or print it out on your printer.

You can also find the invoice in your account at a later date: Under "Shop""Overview of payments" you will find all account transactions under "Purchases made". Click on the desired line and you will find the details of the point purchase as well as the corresponding PDF invoice filed.

Use the convenience of bank payments. In Switzerland, you can even have invoices sent to you by mail.

Please note: Bank charges are payable by you, and ensure that your user name / account number is correctly included with the payment.
Postal invoices can be sent to Swiss addresses only - printing out an invoice is quicker and just as valid.

How to save money with EU cross-border payments

1st July 2003 marked the start of EU cross-border payments, which enable you to make euro transfers within the EU more efficiently and at lower cost.

Banks offer you incoming and outgoing payments within the EU at the price of domestic transfers

The following criteria must be met:

Transfer currency: Euro
Maximum amount: EUR 12'500
Indication of IBAN ("International Bank AccountNumber") and BIC ("Bank Identifier Code") is obligatory
Cross-border payment within the EU member states and Switzerland
No special instructions (e.g. "urgent")
Shared charges: customer bank charges must be borne by the customer, recipient's bank charges by the recipient. Other instructions for the payment of charges are not possible

For fast and cheap execution of your cross-border payment order, the IBAN and the BIC details must be quoted.

Updated on: 04/04/2024

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