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Via phone

It's easy by phone!

Buying points by phone is very simple, and is particularly practical if you do not possess a credit card or do not wish to use one.

Points are credited to your account while listening to relaxing music. You can purchase points either over the fixed network, or using a mobile phone.


The cost for an SMS or any other message does not depend on how long you are on the phone. The longer you listen to the music, the more points you receive, and consequently, the more messages you can send.
To use this service, you need a telephone with tone dialling (DTMF).
Purchases can be monitored directly via Completed puchases.
With your payment you agree to eCall's Standard Terms of Use.
Currently this service is only available to our customers in Switzerland.

Instructions for Switzerland

In your eCall-account navigation click on "Shop / Buy points"
Click in the table on "Phone"
Dial now the premium-rate number 0900 009 108 (CHF 6.66 per minute). The costs will be added to your account fully as points (39 points per minute, CHF 0.17 is 1 point).
After the greeting, enter the 8-digit reference number which will be displayed in the step pay with phone under 2.
Give your consent by entering the required digit.
Confirm that you have entered the reference number correctly.
As soon as you hear the music click on "Continue" to proceed to the overview of the current purchase.


If you receive the message "This phone number is invalid" after pressing the key, it means that the system does not recognise your key. In this case, check whether or not the DTMF mode is activated on your phone, or use another phone. Further attempts with the same phone are useless and will only mean additional costs for you.

Updated on: 18/05/2022

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