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Receiving Messages

Can I receive text messages from a mobile phone?

If you want to make it easy for the recipient of a message to send you a reply activate the reception 'I want to be able to receive SMS messages from mobiles." You can find this setting in your account under "Account settings" ► "SMS" ► "Reception options".

The recipient can easily send back a text message to eCall by using the function 'Reply' on his mobile phone. This reply appears in your logbook under 'Received Messages'. If you wish you can have the reply forwarded (for example as an e-mail or to your mobile phone).

You can also receive a text message without having to send one first. A mobile phone user who wants to send you a message must proceed as follows:

Before entering the text the user must enter your eCall user name. Right before and after your user name there must be an exclamation mark. Example: !john smith!This is a message from my mobile phone to your eCall address.
He must send the text message to the number +41 76 333 20 20.

In the example above the text 'This is a message from my mobile phone to your eCall address.' appears in John Smith's log book under 'Received Messages'.

Updated on: 15/10/2021

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