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With eCall you can send and receive text messages. This is possible via internet, e-mail or interfaces (APIs) connection (TCP-IP, HTTPs, Socket, etc.). Any sender can be defined, preferably the own mobile or landline number for inquiries.

The transmission time can be determined freely. Standing orders (e.g. birthday reminder, service duty, medicine reminder) are possible as well.

If a text message gets received from a mobile phone it will be displayed in the logbook. Also an answer via text message by eCall is possible.

Sending a text message to a group is possible by defining this group in the address book, whereas the numbers can be copied easily from e.g. Excel (copy -> paste).

Text messages can be sent worldwide. For information as to which providers are currently supported and the cost of roaming charges please consult our Roaming-List.

Messages to pagers are only supported in Switzerland.

Sending Messages
Receiving Messages
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Updated on: 13/08/2019

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