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Changing your username or password

Changing username

This field shows your current user name. You can change it by clicking on 'Change'. Overwrite your user name and click 'Save'. Please note that you can change your user name only if it is not being used by another user. Don't forget to use the new user name when you log in to eCall next time!

Changing password

As with your user name you can change your password as well. Click on 'Change password', then enter your current password and enter the new one twice afterwards.

Save my user name on my PC (cookie)

If you don't wish to enter your user name each time you log into eCall activate the box 'Save my user name on my PC' (cookie). Your user name will be saved on your computer as a cookie and automatically be transmitted to eCall when you log in. Cookies are absolutely harmless. They simply save a small amount of data and execute no program code.

Attention: If you save both your name and your password as a cookie other people who use your computer will be able to log in to eCall and send messages at your expense!

Updated on: 13/08/2019

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