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Reception options

Reception Options

The following reception options are available:

Receiving text messages from mobile phones

With eCall you can not only send text messages but also receive those sent from a mobile phone.
In this case activate the option 'I want to be able to receive text messages from mobile phones'.

Forwarding received messages

eCall puts all the text messages sent to your address from a mobile phone into the logbook. Moreover you can forward these messages to a pager, a mobile phone or to an e-mail address. You just have to enter the desired address in the field 'Forward received SMS messages to'.

This transmission doesn't depend on whether the received message is a reply to one of your text messages or simply a message someone has sent to your eCall address.

Important to know:

If you activate the option 'I wish to get an SMS reply via eCall' while sending a message eCall sends its number to the mobile phone instead of transmitting your personal callback number. You can't send your callback number and request an SMS reply via eCall at the same time.

Example: You send a text message to Mr Jameson and you activate the option 'I wish to to get an SMS reply via eCall'. If Mr Jameson sends a message back by using the 'reply' function on his mobile phone this message will appear in the eCall™ logbook under 'Received messages'. If you have entered e.g. your e-mail address in the account settings you will also receive the reply as an e-mail.

Updated on: 13/08/2019

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