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eCall business

eCall business - SMS and fax service for integrated business purposes

eCall business is the leading Swiss SMS and fax service for writing, sending and receiving SMS and fax messages on the PC without its own infrastructure.

You pay a small monthly fee, benefit from a lower point price and benefit as a business customer from the following options.

Advantages of a business account
Secure SSL access by internet
High priority service (preferred against all other)
With a business account only one eCall account needs administration for all your employees. All costs are settled with one account, i.e. eCall charges all messages sent by your employees to the business account. Therefore a business account significantly reduces your administrative load.
A business account offers you the facility of other non interactive access methods for eCall (e.g. TCP/IP), besides the interactive access via web browser. For example, this access could be used by computer systems to send messsages automatically.
Payment for the services used is made in advance based on a monthly invoice.
Fast support in case of problems or questions.
Additional functions, log filters, etc.
Additional options: Interfaces for technical systems, exchange, monthly log by e-mail

Contract eCall business and opening an account

To open a business account please proceed as follows:

Call us on +41 (0)44 787 30 70 an, so that we can work with you to the contractual basis. You will then receive the corresponding document.
Send us the completed, legally signed application form by post or fax machine.
Pay the installation fee for the basic package and any extra services required.
As soon as we receive your application form and payment your account will be activated.

With your application you agree to accept the General Conditions and Terms of Business as well as the conditions and fees for the use of a business account for a minimum of 1 (one month). The contract is automatically extended if notice is not given at least 1 (one) month before the expiry date.

Invoice with purchase order

If a purchase order is necessary in your procurement process please announce this number together with your order.

More information about purchase order you can find in our Standard terms of use.


The support line was set up so that business customers can contact us outside office hours. To use this service, a support contract (Service Level Agreement SLA) has to be agreed first.

Updated on: 19/05/2022

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