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eCall portal

Professional SMS and Pager service for your Website

Want your own eCall for your Website?

eCall is a convenient SMS/pager service for websites which can be embedded very easily into your web environment. With this service, all basic eCall SMS/pager functions from the eCall sms & fax-portal business platform are available.

Service available in German, French and Italian.

Who is eCall portal for?
For people whose websites offer their users a user-friendly, professional SMS/pager service, adding greatly to their appeal.

What is the principle of eCall portal?
eCall portal is a convenient and complete text message service which you can easily integrate into your website. You will benefit from sales and more visitors on your website.

What can eCall portal do?
Send, schedule, manage text and pager messages
Log (with two receipts), address book and statistics
Self configurable e-mail layouts (for replies, confirmations, etc.)
Comfortble administrator access for maintenance via internet
Settings for free point awarding
Shopping via 900 number for your customers
You can bill your customers for points according to your own price structure
Integration of an existing customer-/co-worker database (option)

Can I create an own account for my website?
Yes, please send us an e-mail.

Who will be allowed to log in to my service?
That's something you can decide. We can install eCall portal in two ways: Either everyone is able to log in or only you can register other users.

What does eCall portal cost?
Installation and basical operation are for free! Further information in details:
Installing the first account (free)
Service fee per user (free)
SMS website standard layout (free)
Purchase per 900-number for your customers (free)
Administrator for the administration (free)
Transmission of the text message (your customers pays in advance, you will not have to pay additional costs)


Free points which you can give to your customers (10 Rappen/point, at least 2'000 points/purchase). In order to buy points please call us or send us an e-mail.
Website stylesheet adaptions (CHF 200.- one time, CHF 50.-/month)
Website further layout adaptions (according to expenditure CHF 150.-/hour)
E-mail interface (CHF 200.- one time, 50.-/month)
Multilingualism (CHF 50.-/month)

(all prices in advance and excl. VAT)

Can I benefit from this service?

Yes, you can! Per sent, paid point you will be credited 0.1 point to your point account. You can use the credit as free points for your customers or you can let us cash out your credits (minimum 2'000 points, 10 Rappen/point).

Updated on: 19/05/2022

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