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eCall mail2sms

Service E-Mail to SMS

With this simple service Mail2SMS you can be notified by a text message based on incoming e-mails. Being registered at eCall is not necessary.

Let the system send you a text message at the time you receive an e-mail in your mailbox. The service sends you a text message with the address of the sender, 40 characters of the subject and the start of the body text. The costs are CHF 0.20 only.

You can also let an automatic system send mails to your mobile phone. In that case use By the way: Your friends and customers will be able to send a mail that way and it will cost them nothing. Just type in the destination address

How to turn on the service?

Forward a copy of an e-mail

Change the settings within your e-mail provider or client for forwarding a incoming e-mail to the address:
<YourMobileNumber> (z.B.

To turn on the text message service send

START MAIL by text message to 963

To turn off the service send

STOP MAIL by text message to 963

Please note: You can turn on/off the service anytime at no cost.

Updated on: 19/05/2022

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