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Answer (SMS)


The command %Answer% instructs eCall to send a reply number to which the recipient can reply by text message. The answer appears in the log book under 'Messages received'.

The command can be in one of the following formats:

%Answer%- %Answer:Logbook%

If you do not enter an e-mail address or phone number eCall transfers the answer to the address which you have entered in your account settings under 'Access via E-mail'.

The maximum length of text is 50 characters. This value overrides the value for %CallBack%.

If you enter the word 'Logbook' the text message reply is not transferred and simply appears in eCall's logbook.

Example: Text message reply via e-mail:

An e-mail with the content 'This is a message with text message reply by e-mail' produces this message on a mobile phone: 'This is a message with text message reply by e-mail'.

If the recipient sends a message back via "Answer" eCall sends an e-mail with the answer to the address john.smith at

Updated on: 21/07/2023

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