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Format 4: Numbers in 'To:'-box for text message / pager

Format 4: Number(s) / Name(s) / Group(s) in To:-box or in Cc:-box

You can send a message to a pager or to a mobile phone if you type the recipient's identification in the To:-box or in the Cc:-box of the email.eCall only checks the sender's adress in this format.


First write down the recipient's identification (according to the option, see below) in the To:-box.
Write down the text in the text box.
Send the email.There are three options of recipient's identifications:

There are three variants of receiver IDs:

Option 1
Recipient's number e.g. +41791234567

Option 2
Name and forename of a person in the eCall adress book (e.g. John -> examplejohn)

Option 3
Name of a group in the eCall adress book (e.g. Tennis Club -> tennisclub)


As an sender's adress the email must include an adress that you have registered in the list of allowed sender adresses in the personal settings.
In the menu option 'Settings: Access via e-mail' the check box 'I allow messages to be sent via my eCall account by email' must be activated.
You have to write the telephone number in the international format. Example for Switzerland: 0041 or +41

The capitalization of the recipient's identification doesn't matter.
Write down the recipient's identification in this format <recipients-identification> in the To:-box and/or in the Cc:-box of the email as you usually do it with ordinary e-mail adresses.
If there are more recipients: <recipients-identification 1>; <recipients-identification 2>; ...)
The message being sent to the pager/the mobile phone is composed of the e-mail's subject box and the text box.
The adress that has been valid so far keeps valid.

Updated on: 21/07/2023

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