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Format 2: List of recipients in the text box

Format 2: List of recipients in the text box

If you want to send a message to a longer list of recipients then you can type the list in the text box of the e-mail to eCall.

Write down the message and the list of recipients in the e-mail's text box.
Send the e-mail to



Send only regular text emails, no richtext and HTML emails or attachments (excel documents, etc.)! You can set up the settings in Outlook on the sending site: 'Format' -> 'text only'. Please pay attention to possible error messages by eCall in emails.
The message must be seperated from the list of recipients by a space line.
Every number must has its own line.As an sender's adress the e-mail must include an adress that you have registered in the list of allowed sender adresses in the personal settings.
In the menu option 'Settings: Access via e-mail' the check box 'I allow messages to be sent via my eCall account by e-mail' must be activated.
You have to write the telephone number in the international format. Example for Switzerland: 0041 or +41.


The message can contain several lines. However, line breaks get replaced with spaces by eCall.
Spaces in front of the message and inside the list of recipients don't get considered.
You can determine the maximum number of entries in the list of numbers yourself by doing this in the personal settings (maximum limit = about 5000 numbers).
Split large jobs into jobs of approx. 1000 numbers. This enables you to correct orders. We strongly recommend to send a test message with your text and your mobile number in advance! You can also test the number blocks on the web interface of eCall (with copy / paste - right mouse button - paste into a new group). Wrong, not supported numbers are marked with an asterisk.

Updated on: 21/07/2023

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