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Additional commands

By entering certain keywords in an e-mail, (commands), further actions can be intitiated.

Please note:

A command must be within the message text. Its position within the message is irrelevant (before, after, within).
Enter commands between percentage signs, i.e. the format is % %.
Either upper or lower case characters can be used, i.e. the command %Callback% can be entered either as %CALLBACK% or %Callback%.
Commands can be used in all e-mail formats. eCall removes the command from the message text. Only the message text and any additional requested information is sent. If you have problem use the keywords in the subject of the e-mail.
Commands are valid for the complete transmission order in which the messsage text appears.

Answer (SMS)
Callback (SMS)
MsgType (SMS)
Notification (SMS)
SendDate (SMS, Fax and Voice)
JobID (SMS, Fax und Voice)
MessageLanguage (Voice)
CallingNumber (Fax)
FaxHeaderID (Fax)
FaxHeaderInfo (Fax)
MaxRetries (Fax)
RetriesTimeIntervallnMin (Fax)
NoCoversheet (Fax)
CS... Coversheet (Fax)
AnswerTo (Fax)

Updated on: 21/07/2023

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