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SendDate (SMS, Fax und Voice)


The command %SendDate% allows you to instruct eCall to delay the transmission contained in your e-mail until a fixed time in the future.

The command uses the format %SendDate:<Date> <Time>%

The date can be formatted as follows:
yyyy-mm-dd, yy-mm-dd,dd-mm-yyyy (dd=day, mm=month, yyyy=year).

The time can be formatted as follows:hh:mm:ss, hh:mm (hh=hours, mm=minutes, ss=seconds).

If the format is incorrect or the date is in the past the order is carried out immediately. Please ensure therefore that you enter the time of transmission correctly.


An e-mail containing: 'This message will be sent with a time-delay %SendDate:1-5-2014 10:00%' is displayed on the mobile phone as: 'This message will be sent with a time-delay'.

eCall will send this message on 1st May 2014 to the designated recipient. The order will be registered in the logbook under "Time-delayed messages".Until the order is executed you may delete it at any time.

Updated on: 21/07/2023

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