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Configuration changes

Configuration Changes

Redefining the number list of an existing group (eCall business only)

You can redefine an existing group via e-mail by sending an e-mail as follows:

To:Send an e-mail to No spaces are allowed within your username. If this is the case you need to change your username.
Subject:Enter the following command in the subject: line: CHANGE_GROUP_DEF Please ensure that there is a space between the command CHANGE_GROUP_DEF and the name of the group.
Textfield (body):Enter the group number list in the textfield (body) of your e-mail.Notice spaces are ignored. Special characters, e.g. tab-stops, are not allowed.Use a new line for each number. After the number you can add information text on the same line by separating with a semicolon (e.g. +41 79 1234567;testnumber).


You must list the e-mail addresses of the enabled senders in your personal settings. You can find the appropriate form under 'Account settings' -> 'Email access'.
Only groups which have already been created manually under can be redefined.
A maximum of 5000 numbers is allowed.
Please note that you have to send a text e-mail. Richtext & HTML e-mails or attachments (Excel etc.) will be refused (in Outlook, see 'format' -> 'text only' for sending page).
Please take note of any eventual error messages from eCall via e-mail.

Updated on: 21/07/2023

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