Format 5: Forwarding via e-mail - Reception number in the To:-box or in the Cc:-box

You can have a message forwarded to a pager or a mobile phone by typing the recipient's identification in the e-mail's "To:-box" or "Cc:-box".

In this format eCall checks the destination address. This way this format gets used as soon as the sender is unknown.

Write down the recipient's identification in this format <receiver-identification> in the To:-box and/or in the Cc:-box of the email as you usually do it with ordinary email adresses.
Write down the message in the e-mail's text box.
Send the e-mail.


The destination address (like has to be entered int the settings 'Access via e-mail' exactly like this in lower case.
In the menu option 'Settings: Access via e-mail' the check box 'I allow messages to be sent via my eCall account by email' must be activated.
You have to write the telephone number in the international format. Example for Switzerland: 0041 or +41


With this format it is not possible to forward a message to several recipients.
The capitalization of the recipient's identification doesn't matter.
The message being sent to the pager/the mobile phone is composed of the email's subject box and the text box.
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