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Access via TCP/IP

Call's TCP/IP access gives you the opportunity to send messages directly through the internet from any software. Messages can easily be sent via Telnet (Socket).

Details on requirements, installation and access tests can be found in the appropriate help document.

Important: Interfaces (APIs) must first be activated by F24 Switzerland. Please contact us at any time: +41 (0)44 787 30 70,

eCall offers you two versions:

Type 1

Suitable for technical installations and people who are experienced in telnet or socket programming.

Description eCall TCP/IP access | PDF 447 KB

Caution: Win2000 Telnet can cause errors.We recommend the telnet program (Download at end of this page)

Type 2

Integrate our OCX control into your program and allow your software to send messages (text/fax/voice messages etc.). Instructions and OCX can be downloaded at end of this page

Example: Delphi (Download at end of this page) is a small text-messag- program written with Borlands Delphi 7 (including source code). The code can be used for free. It is a creation by Michael Szepanski from Germany. The software was created for a college project.

Download eCallActiveX | ZIP 265 KB
Telnet | EXE 35 KB
Download easySMS | ZIP 683 KB

Updated on: 21/07/2023

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