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Transmission options

Transmission options

The following transmission options are available:

Callback number

In order to make it easy for the recipient of an text message to call you back enter your telephone number in the 'Callback number' field. eCallautomatically sends this number together with every text message. After the recipient has read your message he can call you back simply by pressing a button..

Important to know:

The callback number works with text messages but not with pager messages. The number gets sent to the mobile phone on a separate channel and has no influence on the content or the length of the message.
If you activate the option 'I wish to get an SMS reply via eCall' while sending a message the eCall number gets sent to the mobile phone instead of your number. You can't send your callback number and request a text message reply via eCall at the same time.
The callback number may contain letters or it can be completely composed of text (maximum 11 characters).

Confirmation of receipt

If you send a text message to a mobile phone the status 'receipt confirmed on' will appear in the logbook as soon as the message has been received by the mobile phone.
Moreover you can have confirmation of receipt sent to a pager, a mobile phone, or to an e-mail address. Enter the desired address in the field 'Confirmation of receipt'.
If you activate the box 'I want a confirmation of receipt' while sending a message eCall will send the confirmation to the address you have entered.

Example: You send a text message to Mr Miller. Mr Miller has switched off his mobile phone because he is in a meeting. Two hours later when the meeting is finished he switches his mobile phone on again. As soon as your message has been forwarded to Mr Miller's mobile phone you will receive the confirmation of receipt in the eCall logbook. If, for example, you have entered your mobile phone number in the transmission options you'll receive a text message of confirmation on your mobile phone.

Maximum number of pages for long messages

eCall is able to split long messages into multiple short pages which are transmitted at intervals of approximately 15 seconds. With this setting you can define the maximum number of pages you want eCall to split your messages into. The maximum value for this setting depends on your type of account.

Important to know:

When a message is split into multiple pages eCall writes the number of the page and the total number of pages at the beginning of each page (e.g. '2/3'). Thus, the number of characters which fit on each page is reduced by the length of this indication.
If the message contains 160 characters or less the page indication will not be added.
Depending on the points on your account each transmitted page is treated as a single text message.

Example: You have set 'Maximum number of pages' to '2' in your settings. You send a message of 480 characters to Mr. Miller. These 480 characters would fill 3 pages. Since you have limited the maximum number of pages to 2 in your settings, only the first 320 characters will be transmitted. Thus, Mr. Miller will receive two text messages within approx. 15 seconds (to be exact: he will receive only 312 characters due to the page indication).

E-mail reminder for low points balance in account

This option allows you to have a reminder sent by e-mail when the amount of points in your account falls below a certain limit. You can then purchase additional points and don't have to worry about running out of points while messaging.

Updated on: 13/08/2019

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