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Cover sheets

If only a document (Word or other formats) is transmitted without accompanying text (no text in the body) then no coversheet is sent along with it. A coversheet will only be created when there is additional text.

If you would like to use the place holder / parameter with no body text fill them in the subject line.

Don't like the standard cover sheet?

Business customers can define their own coversheet. The coversheet is a RTF file which can be edited in, for example, Word. You can adjust the settings so that a coversheet is always sent along.

Available place holder/parameters

In the coversheets following place holders can be used. The system replaces the place holder by the actual values.

<Date> -> current date (dd.MM.yyyy)
<Time> -> current time (HH:mm:ss)
<AddressTo> -> Number of the receiver
<InfoTo> -> Information about the receiver
<AddressFrom> -> Number of the sender
<FaxIDFrom> -> Fax identification of the sender
<InfoFrom> -> Information about the sender
<Subject> -> Subject
<Message> -> body text, message
%%CS....%% -> special placeholder for cover sheets

Updated on: 13/08/2019

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