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Sending via SMS

Sending fax via text message

In order to send a fax message via text message please proceed like this:

Enter the group name in front of the text. Place an asterisk '*' right before and after the group name. Example: Bowlingclub Tournament postponed until 20.00h.

Send the text message to the number +41 76 333 20 20.

In this example all members of the group 'Bowling Club' would receive the message 'Tournament postponed until 20.00h.'


A fax cannot be sent to a single person (use a direct number instead).
A group must be defined as 'Fax-Group' in eCall.
A fax number can be substituted for the group name: e.g.

Sender information will use last name and first name as registered under 'Settings' -> 'Personal Settings'.

Important: If you wish to enable a fax message with eCall via text message, the option 'I wish to receive text messages from mobile phones' in 'Settings' -> 'General' must be activated. In addition your mobile number must be correctly entered in 'Settings' -> 'Personal settings'. This mobile number is the only access to your eCall account via text message.

Updated on: 13/08/2019

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