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Sending by e-mail

Sending fax via e-mail

How you can send an Office document as a fax (WinWord, Power Point, Excel as well as PDF, GIF, JPG, BMP):

Activate in the eCall menu option 'Settings' -> 'Access via e-mail' the option 'Allow messages via e-mail'.

Write down your e-mail address on the same site in format 6

Now open your Word-File. Open a document and click 'File' -> 'Send to' in the Word menu. There activate 'Mail receiver (as attachment)' so no fax header gets registered by eCall™. Type in the destination address (e.g. Take the time to test your template: it's possible that the width of the document turns out a little smaller than in the printed version.

Important: Click 'Mail receiver (as attachment)' -> 'Choose attachment', NOT 'Mail receiver' or an error message pops up during the conversion process.

Click 'Send' and the fax message is already on its way. In the eCall log you can read when exactly the fax message was sent. By the way: You will receive a transmission confirmation if the acknowledgment via e-mail is activated.

Note: For this option you need a private account at least. Your testing account automatically turns into a private account as soon as you purchase eCall points. You can purchase points anytime. You won't get an uncalled bill / charges in your private account.

Updated on: 13/08/2019

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