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Send a Fax

Send a Fax

With eCall you can easily send faxes worldwide.

eCall offers the following basic services:

Transmission via e-mail, internet browser, text message or a technical interface
Worldwide transmission
Automatic document conversion
Confirmation of transmission
Bulk sending- Coversheets
Special parameters

How do I send a fax | The different sending methods

Take advantage of the various methods for fax transmission.

You can easily send a fax using e-mail, internet, text message or various technical interfaces. Simple text messages or also various document types can be directly sent to eCall. eCall will automatically convert them to faxes.

You can also receive faxes through eCall or forward to an e-mail.

Dispatch via browser
Sending by e-mail
Sending via SMS
Dispatch via interface (API)
We dispatch for you

Supported documents/files

With eCall you can directly fax your documents. The documents will automatically be converted by eCall.

The following file types are supported:

.ZIP (Content: max 20 files and max size of 20 MB)

*Graphics will automatically be reduced in size to one page or page width.

The following files are ignored:


Worldwide transmission
Call's fax service is supported worldwide. However, there are some exceptions. Please check the country ou would like to fax to in by contacting us directly +41 (0)44 787 30 70

How much does fax transmission cost?

Sending a fax page costs on average approx. 1.5 points/minute. You can find more detailed information on point consumption per country here.

The exact rate depends on the transmission time of the fax. We recommend testing with a sample. The transmission time is charged per second (minimum 1 minute). The transmission time also depends on the reception speed of the recipient's line and on the black content of the fax message (pictures/graphics increase the transmission time). To a lesser extent, there is also a charge in the event of an error. If no connection can be established (example: always busy, no answer), then 1 point is charged, as the infrastructure is also then used. If the other party picks up, the connection time is always assessed.

Additional features

What else is possible? More information right here.

Confirmation of transmission
Mass mailing via Internet
Mass mailing via E-Mail

Updated on: 16/02/2021

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