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Dispatch via browser

Sending fax via browser

To send a fax, click on 'Send to' -> 'Fax' in your eCall account.
The content of a fax job could have following elements:
Recipient: Please enter the number of the recipient(s) either directly or through theaddress book.
Message: The message consists of three parts: the subject, the title of the fax and the message itself.
Attachments: Attach your files (Excel, Word, PDF, ...) to the fax.
Transmission options: With those you can send a fax to a specific date and / or to a specific time.
Fax sender: The fax sender can be either a number of eCall or your own.
You can find further explanations to the settings here.

Helpful hints:

The number of characters of text which can be sent is limited to 2'000. The size of attached files can be up to 5 MB.
You have the option of setting a specific time for sending faxes.
Fax messages without a written text message are sent without a header (reference line is ignored) and only attached files will be sent.
Following dialing codes cannot be used for faxes in Switzerland: 074, 080, 084, 090. In Germany: 070, 080, 018, 019 and in Austria: 080, 081, 082, 090, 093.

Updated on: 13/08/2019

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