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Virtual Fax Numbers to receive Fax Messages

With eCall you can very easily send and receive fax messages. You can send a fax message either via internet browser, e-mail, text message or even via interfaces (APIs).

Your documents (Word, Excel, PDF,...) will automatically be converted and sent to a fax. If you receive a fax reply you can look at it in eCall or have it forwarded to your e-mail address as a PDF. In order to receive fax messages you need to have your own fax number which you can simply rent from eCall.

eCall Fax substitutes your conventional fax machine. eCall is worldwide available. You can also have your fax number redirected to eCall. In that way, you can continue to use your old fax number even without the fax machine. Last but not least this is a good solution in case your fax machine should ever be out of order.

Fax via Internet

In just two minutes, this animated film explains the advantages eCall fax can bring you and why it makes sense to switch to sending faxes via the Internet.

Updated on: 13/08/2019

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