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SMS sender (callback)

SMS sender (callback)

The callback defines the sender of the SMS message. In the eCall portal you can choose between three different SMS senders:

numeric callback: maximum 16 characters, e.g. «0041791234567»
alphanumeric callback: maximum 11 characters, e.g. «eCall»
Number of eCall: SMS message is received in the logbook of eCall

By default, your stored registration number is stored as the SMS sender.
You need paid points to change the callback: Either buy points in the shop under Buy points (prepaid) or open an eCall Business account (postpaid).

Would you like to test the callback function with your free account? We will be happy to set up your account accordingly. Please contact us by phone (+41 44 787 30 70) or e-mail (

Changing the SMS sender

Permanent change

Under Settings / SMS Settings / Sending Options you can enter your numeric or alphanumeric callback for the option Sender to be displayed to the recipient.

One time change

For short-term changes to the callback of individual SMS transmissions, you can also change the callback at Send / SMS/Pager / SMS Sender. This callback is overwritten with the value stored in the settings when the send job is exited.

Sending via e-mail interface: Adjusting the callback in your account

In your account, select Account settings / E-mail access and click the edit icon:

Under Reply options you will find the option Own sender, where you can store your desired callback:

Sending via e-mail interface: Setting a callback via additional command

By inserting certain keywords (commands) in the e-mail, you can trigger additional actions and thus also define a callback:
The following parameters (additional commands) are available here:


The SMS sender that you have stored in your account settings is used in the message. You have a maximum of 16 characters for the numeric callback and 11 characters for the alphanumeric callback.

- numeric callback: «0041791234567»
- alphanumeric callback: «»


This parameter allows you to specify the SMS sender directly in the e-mail content.

E-mail content : "This is a message about %Callback:0041791234567% email access to eCall".
E-mail view when receiving the message: "This is a message about e-mail access to eCall". The callback number is displayed on the mobile phone as 0041791234567.


With the command %Answer% you can instruct eCall to send along a callback number to which the recipient can send back an SMS reply.
The answer appears in the logbook under Received messages and is forwarded as an e-mail.

More information about the answer parameter

Note on the callback: Depending on the receiving country and provider, it is recommended to use a numeric or alphanumeric callback. Do you need advice or detailed information on specific countries? We will be happy to provide you with personal advice by telephone (+41 44 787 30 70) or by e-mail (

Updated on: 21/07/2023

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